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Artist's Statement
Poet Joy Harjo once stated that “poet” and “truth-teller” are synonymous terms. The key element of the poem is metaphor. The word "Metaphor" derives from the Greek, Metafora, meaning "change" or "transformation." This change is the essence of all poetry. Poetry is the use of sound and symbol to change ideas and dreams into matter, reality. With metaphor a thing becomes something new. Take for example a most basic metaphor,” Her eyes are an ocean.” In writing or uttering this phrase, a woman’s eyes are transformed into the ocean. But this transformation does not happen merely on the page. Once written, spoken, chanted, or sung, the metaphor becomes real in our world. With poetry, with language, we can affect another individual’s nervous system and thought process, make them laugh, cry, regret, protest, ponder. We are inextricably connected to language and sound. It is in our name; “Person” in Latin is literally translated as “being of sound.” While everyone has this power, it is the poets who dedicate themselves to the craft of learning exactly how to best use combinations of symbol and sound to unlock a greater truth and transform reality. They are, in essence, wizards, spell-casters. With poetry we build bridges between the past and the future, the immaterial and the material, the unknown and the known. Each time I set pen to page, each time I recite, I carry this knowledge and this responsibility with me. If my words and sounds do not seek truth, if they do not aim to bring forth change in our world, if they do not at least attempt to assist in human progress and lifting us up to new heights, then I have not done properly carried out the work of my profession. This is how and why I write poetry.

Literary Arts Samples

Cabo Rojo
Poetry, 2005

6th Period
Poetry, 2006

Our Secret Language
Poetry, 2005

Face Slashings
Poetry, 2006

Epilogue to an Apologue
Poetry, 2007


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