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My musical performances incorporate English and Spanish biographical and historical narratives, with an emphasis on preserving songs by Latino composers. I have also long enjoyed writing and researching, which allow me to create performances that showcase my acting, writing, singing and theatrical design skills.

Since 2001, I have self-produced two highly acclaimed shows in San Antonio: “LORCA,” a one-actor drama of the Spanish poet’s last days; and, “SIMPLEMENTE LARA,” a narrative on the life of Mexican composer Agustín Lara.

Musical recordings, independently produced, evolved as natural extensions of these stage performances. Recorded in 2004, “Colección de canciones populares antiguas” is a collection of Spanish folk songs popularized by poet Federico García Lorca (1898-1936). The recording reflects the cultural and musical heritage of the Spanish peoples. This recording was followed by “SIMPLEMENTE LARA”, a collection of 22 songs of love and loss by Mexican composer Agustín Lara (1900-1970) recorded in the spring of 2005.

My appreciation and passion for music goes back to my childhood in Laredo, Texas. One of the greatest influences in my music career came from sitting in front of the radio and singing along with Mexican singers. This strong musical foundation inspired me to learn to play the trombone and piano and to sing professionally.

As a vocalist, I value diverse musical influences, a playful spirit of innovation and improvisation, and intense listening. To enhance my clarity as a vocalist, I listen to music on a daily basis and focus on a different singer each time. Also vital to my work are the new perspectives and revelations that come from collaborating with other musicians and creating a different musical experience each time.

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Café de chinitas
Theatrical Performance
Café de Chinitas
Theatrical Performance


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