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Artist's Statement
In the broadest sense of my artistic practice, I have been concerned with the nature of grief and mourning historically and how it has been the fuel for new leaps in logic and aesthetics. I look to these topics not as an ending point but as a starting point to find how hope and redemption continually seem to counteract the pain of loss. In a sense, I have to look as deeply into loss as possible to find the truly extra-ordinary aspects of humanness. It is this bordering-on-the-miraculous form of hope that I am ultimately after. It offers a sense of wonder and re-enchantment with the world that in a sense counterattacks the effects of extreme grief. It seems counter-intuitive to look at exceptional loss for exceptional hope but this is where I continually find its most powerful form. This leads to a last broad theme in my work which is the nature of belief and doubt in relation to loss and materials. It is on this fantastical edge of hope I mentioned above that really pushes the envelope of belief and faith in my work. Extreme loss tends to produce extreme faith or doubt often pushing logic and aesthetics to new areas unthought-of before. I am interested in asking art to embrace these extremes and by extension I have to ask of myself the same embrace as well of my audience.

Visual Arts Samples


A Soul Waits For A Body That Never Arrives

A Century of November

Daughters of Wounds And Relics

No One Has a Monopoly Over Sorrow

A Defeated Soldier Wishes To Walk His Daughter Down The Wedding Aisle

The Melancholic Refuses To Surrender

A Sadness Silence Can't Touch

The Southern Diarists Society

Lamb of Man / Atom and Eve / Americana Materia Medica

Lamb of Man / Atom and Eve / Americana Materia Medica (detail)


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