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Artist's Statement
I currently hold the position of Assistant Professor of Music Composition and Theory at the University of Texas at San Antonio. The environment in which I live is, and always has been, inextricably linked to the sounds and gestures that shape my creative voice. I’ve drawn inspiration from my students at the various institutions where I have taught, as well as the pace and rhythms of the landscape and the people that occupy it. The process of creation is one of constant interaction and communication with a culture, and my musical gestures seek to express that symbiosis with bold, lyrical lines, and rich instrumental color and texture. The interaction between people, and the exchange between humankind and nature provide potent models and analogues for my compositions.

Much of my music strives to find inspiration in non-musical forces, places, and phenomena. I then take those forces, places, and phenomena and map them onto basic music materials as harmony, rhythm, structure, narrative, etc. For example, a current project derives its structural and formal proportion from the overtones (harmonic frequencies of an object that determine its timbre or tone ‘color’) of a cello playing an open A string. Another work, inspired by Wallace Stegner’s novel "Angle of Repose," transposes the emotional dynamic between characters, as well as the geological and physical forces that comprise the natural angle of repose (angle at which granular materials are stable on a slope) for which the novel is named, onto the sonic gestures that comprise the musical narrative of my work. Ultimately, I intend for this music to communicate meaningfully and viscerally to a broad audience.

Musical Composition Samples

"Berlin" from "Let The Word Go Forth"
Music Composition
Elysium Remembered (excerpt)
Music Composition


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