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Artist Profile

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Artist's Statement
I am an actor, director and theatre designer working and living in San Antonio. My work in theatre has always been balanced with a strong visual sensibility. I came to theatre after starting my studies in ceramics at the Center for Creative Studies. There I was exposed to fashion design, performance and dance and I learned that the focus of an artistic practice need not be limited to one medium, technique or dicipline. I began to expand my interest in artistic expression to the theatre and soon discovered that I was able to be the medium. While my primary focus as an artist is as an actor, I apply the same skill set of character development, script analysis and attention to detail to my design work. I believe the textures, weights and movement of the garments I create need to lend an accurate and comfortable support to the work of the actors wearing them.

Costume Design Samples


Cornyation Host-Queen Victoria
Set Design

Zoyka's Apartment-Manyushka
Set Design

Zoyka's Apartment - Alla, Mermaid dress
Set Design

Zoyka's Apartment - Lizanka, Snow Bride
Set Design

Zoyka's Apartment - Manyushka, folk dancer
Set Design

Zoyka's Apartment - Marya, Bird Dress
Set Design

Zoyka's Apartment - Ivanova, Tango Dress
Set Design

Zoyka's Apartment - Zoyka Robe Options
Set Design

Zoyka's Apartment - Alla Options
Set Design

Zoyka's Apartment - Zoyka Evening Gowns
Set Design


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