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Artist's Statement
My artistic goal in creating this musical is to connect Latin music and traditions that have shaped my life with audiences who may not be familiar with the quinceañera or the nuances of Latin music and rhythms. Listeners will recognize the sound of the mariachi trumpets and guitars as the musicians perform the waltz, salsa, cumbia, merengue, cha cha cha, and more. The tonal colors and musical sensations render the ideas performed by actors in a way that requires the structure of a stage production and yet gives the performing artists a creative freedom and vitality that is enmeshed in my art. Through this work, and my other compositions, creativity is the greatest satisfaction of my daily work, and one that I strive to share with performers and audiences. Giving musical life to every character in "Cenicienta: A Quinceañera with a Taste of Cinderella," a book written by Pam Redman, a former SAISD teacher, has captured my creative vision and I see Cenicienta opening an important window into Hispanic culture to non-Hispanic audiences by presenting a positive view of Hispanic family culture and traditions. I feel obliged to help both cultures better understand this beautiful family tradition. I envision "Cenicienta: A Quinceañera with a Taste of Cinderella," becoming standard musical theatre fare in high schools, colleges, and community theatres with large Hispanic populations throughout North America

Musical Composition Samples

Music Composition
Music Composition
©Cenicienta Demo Mix One
Music Composition
Cenicienta/Cast finale
Music Composition


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