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Artist's Statement
In my work, I am very interested in the relationship between memory and storytelling. Many of my stories attempt to approximate the way our minds actually remember certain events, particularly traumatic events, in our pasts. As a result, my characters are often caught in a strange sort of limbo, trying to move forward with their current lives, while constantly trying to reconstruct and understand the events of their pasts. In addition, my stories are primarily set in the suburbs, a landscape that has always fascinated me. Though drawing on the tradition of writers like Richard Yates and John Cheever, my goal has always been to explore this terrain through the lens of a younger generation, to contemporize it and to capture its nuances. In particular, many of my stories tend to focus on the coming together of different type of characters from different cultures, backgrounds and sexual orientations. The suburbs of today are much more diverse than the suburbs of the 1950s, and one of the things that interests me most is finding a way to both capture this diversity and also explore some of the conflicts that inevitably arise when so many people from different backgrounds are forced to live together in such close proximity. To date, I have focused almost exclusively on the short story form, but I’m looking forward to seeing how some of these themes and conflicted might be explored in greater depth in a longer form.

Literary Arts Samples

Short Fiction, 2008
This story was recently published in the anthology Art at Our Doorstep: San Antonio Writers and Artists (Trinity University Press).

"Azul" (excerpt)
Short Fiction, 2006
This story was first published in One Story magazine and later selected as “One of the 100 Distinguished Short Stories of 2007” by Best American Short Stories and guest editor Stephen King. Please note that this is just an excerpt from the story. The story in its entirety is 27 pages.

"Departure" (excerpt)
Short Fiction, 2006
This story was first published in The Ontario Review, then later anthologized in the anthologies The Pushcart Prize: Best of the Small Presses 2008 and You Must Be This Tall to Ride: Stories on Growing up and Essays by the People Who Wrote Them (forthcoming 2009). It will also be broadcast nationall...



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