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Artist's Statement
Art exceeds our ability to describe it because it is unquantifiable and its language is immediate, sensory, and dynamic, unlike conventional language. In this language of shifting images and references, what is most significant is the ability for a static object to compel profound physical response. What are the means by which this occurs, how can you sustain it, and more importantly, what does one learn from it?

My work investigates the sensory nature of art and its transience by suspending natural occurrence, event, or experience, in paint, positing paintings as experiential metaphors, or proxies, of the human, the natural, and the aesthetic. I use imagery and painting media symbolically to activate sensation and suspend events, forming a bridge between the intangible and unquantifiable in art with the tangible and quantifiable in the biology of living and experiencing to better understand the relationship beings have with art.

Painting is the preferred method of investigation because of its unique capability to exist completely and simultaneously in the illusionistic and the realistic, the fantastical and the actual, without sacrificing its efficacy or relevance in either category. On the one hand, the painting is an actual object that exists in the same space as the viewer. On the other hand, what occurs within the picture plane is limitless in physical characteristic and behavior.

Visual Arts Samples


The Loving Embrace of an Undulating Body

Of the Persistence Between Having and Leaving

Of the Insistence between Holding and Losing


The Ends and The Means

A Chair Comes Forth and Runs into a Wall

Bodies in Motion

The Negotiation of Corporeality

Appaloosa and the Flicker of Birds

A Letter for Every Ship (The Scurry of Recognition)


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