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Artist's Statement
The field of psychology heavily influences my choreography. I examine relationships from both a broad, sociological perspective in terms of shifting group dynamics and interpersonal tension, as well as from a narrower personal perspective of individual reaction to a stimulus. While my choreography maintains its roots in examining relationships, I try to use a variety of contexts and themes so as to examine the human psyche from a variety of angles. My past works have explored the Freudian theory of transference, Ophelia’s descent into madness, loss of a child, and the Chinese puzzle, tangram.

Most of my work does not contain linear storyline; rather, it manipulates sequences and motifs to convey the continual nature of change. I am especially interested in how a single event or interaction can affect the individual psyche and influence larger group in multiple ways. Through my choreography, I strive to expand dancers’ and audiences’ self-realization and empathy.

Performing Arts Samples

Rose of May/orison


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