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Artist's Statement
Music and audio engineering had been my main creative avenues up until 2005. That year, in order document a trip to Israel, I equipped myself with a video camera and editing software. From the moment I began working in the medium I was hooked. As I acquired basic skills to start to working with the footage, I began creating short music-based videos, posting them on my YouTube channel. This is my medium — a visual art form that rides the mount of rhythm and tempo like music.

Little-by-little I am developing my skill set in order to refine the pieces I create. Several professional jobs have come my way, and with more sophisticated tools to work with I believe I can bring my work up to a higher level in terms of production quality.

I am fortunate that over the course of my life I have absorbed generous doses of creative nourishment from continuous contact with art and artists. My family, marriage, and professional career have all centered around artists and their art. I have mostly played a supporting role. And now (fifty-two-year-old mature tree that I am) there is this growing sense that it is time to take off and start bearing my own, unique creative fruit.

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Tibetan Chant


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