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Artist's Statement
When composing music I visualize the piece being performed before an audience. I imagine the effect that a particular melody, harmony, or rhythm will have upon listeners. With each phrase my goal is to create something of beauty that will inspire, intrigue, and give rise to joy.

Seeking a more clear sense of a particular people and culture is the doorway for me as a composer. For nineteen years I have had the opportunity to create new music for my ensemble, The San Antonio Vocal Arts Ensemble (SAVAE). Together we have explored indigenous and colonial music of Latin America, as well as ancient and traditional music of the Middle East. The music I have created falls into three categories: 1.) Newly-composed work based on intense research; 2.) Recreations of lost music built upon existing fragments; and 3.) Vocal-instrumental arrangements based on known historical performance practices.

My work with pre-Columbian and Spanish colonial music was motivated by a desire to understand both indigenous people and Europeans at the time of the conquest – and to explore their initial attempts to find common ground through music. In the case of my work with ancient Middle Eastern history, languages, music, and spirituality I wanted to explore the world view that that gave birth to the West's predominant religion, Christianity.

Composition has always been my primary mode of creative exploration and expression. Inspired by a next door neighbor who was a concert pianist, my experimentation on the piano began when I was four years old. I was, and still am, enthralled by the wide range of color and meaning that one can communicate through melody, harmony, and rhythm.

Performing Arts Samples


Anointing at Bethany from Yeshua (4:55)
Music Composition

Rannanu (2:31)
Music Composition
Wedding at Cana Celebration (2:30)
Music Composition


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