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Throughout my music career I have been fortunate to be able to divide my activities somewhat equally between classical guitar(written music) and jazz guitar (improvised music). This has helped me to compose written music for my instrument, as the skills developed in improvisation are, in some ways, similar to those necessary for composition. Further, there is a great tradition in the guitar and its antecedents of composing and performing original music that stretches back continuously to the 16th century. By blending styles and writing music which includes strong influences from both the jazz world and classical guitar world, I am merely combining the skills that I have learned through a varied professional life and extensive training in both classical guitar and jazz. I am also carrying on the tradition of countless guitarist/composers who have contributed to the development of my instrument for centuries. I have been fortunate in that everything I have written for the guitar has been recorded and/or performed extensively; this tells me there is a need for new concert guitar music, and that my emerging style as a composer is one that many guitarists can appreciate. My philosophy and approach are closely related. I compose music that takes melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic vocabulary from music that I especially enjoy playing, often from my own improvisations, and use it in formal and textural settings that allow me to make more substantive statements. I am particularly interested in using each element of music to contribute to a greater whole; I like lyrical melodies tempered by harmonies that imply deeper intellectual richness, with rhythms that either pay homage to cultures and styles for which rhythm is especially important, or simply provide a visceral framework that I believe is essential to emotionally connecting with listeners.

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Excerpt from "Appalachian Summer"
Music Composition
Music Composition


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