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Artist Profile


Artist's Statement
I have had the luxury of experiencing authentic Flamenco from Spain here in San Antonio. Its impact on my life has driven me to share with all those who I meet this form of expression. This inspiration has pushed me to manifest my love for the art through costume design for Flamenco Dance. I am an avid Flamenco aficionado. My enthusiasm toward the art form extends to all levels of the field. For many years now, flamenco dance has become a part of my life, contributing to my well being on a spiritual level, for better health and fitness, and the integration of art into my day to day routine. This constant practice has been fundamental for my design work to better understand the conceptual structure of the genre to better my understanding and confection for adequate costumes reflecting the many emotions, social traditions and developing trends that the dance portrays. I have traveled to Spain on various occasions to further my knowledge on the topics of Andalucian and Flamenco dress focusing on regional costuming. I researched throughout the cities of Madrid, Granada, Cordoba, Cadiz and Jerez, as well as attending performances observing Spain’s leading Dance Artists and major productions within the Bienal of Flamenco in Sevilla, the most recognized Flamenco Festival in the industry. As a resident seamstress here in San Antonio, I strive to demonstrate artisic excellence, commitment to the arts and community.

Costume Design Samples


Guajiras Costume
Set Design

Tientos Costume
Set Design

Canastera Costume
Set Design

Peasant Group Costume
Set Design

Solea Costume
Set Design

Tangos de Malaga Bodice
Set Design

Alegria de Cordoba Costume
Set Design

B/W Group Dress
Set Design

Romance Costume
Set Design

Youth Class Attire
Set Design


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