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Artist's Statement
The odd thing about my career is that I never went looking for it. Opera found me. I originally wanted to be a high-school choir director, and didn’t really know much about opera, or that one could make a career performing it, until I was in college. Growing up in San Antonio, my life was shaped and enriched from an early age by music, however. From being a member of the San Antonio Boy’s Choir to being thoroughly involved in choir all throughout middle and high school, I admired and respected my choral directors and wanted nothing more than to be like them, giving students the opportunity to experience, learn, and grow as musicians regardless of what the future might hold for them. Because music has a way of staying with you. I hadn’t realized how true this would end up being for me. In college, I was encouraged by my teachers to pursue a career in performance, and doors opened for me to do so. To be a part of this passionate art form, to impact the lives of those who enjoy my work, and to be able to travel the world has been the greatest adventure I never knew was perfect for me. I am very blessed, but haven’t forgotten my hometown or the teachers who helped me get here. It is one of my greatest ambitions to help bring more opportunities to the students of San Antonio to see and get to know about opera in order to provide fulfillment on a level no other art form can provide. To be a part of something that exposes children to such a wonderful art form and encourage them to pursue their dreams like so many others encouraged me to follow mine is my dream.

Classical Singing Samples

Credeasi Misera
Classical Singing
Spirto Gentil
Ah Mes Amis
Classical Singing

Classical Singing


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