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Artist's Statement
Femina-X is an avant-garde power-pop band created by Daniela Riojas (vocals, autoharp, programming) and Alex Scheel (synthesizer, guitar, programming), who were later joined by Jeff Palacios (bass), and Chris Cooper (drums). Using a blend of electronic beats, atmosphere, and foundational live instruments, the music stems from a hunger to evolve and merge magic with blues, trip-hop, jungle, and pop. Through a primal-meets-modern hybrid of machine and (wo)man, it actively hones in on the colorful space between any and all labels, while creating unconventional fusions - taking from sounds of nature, ancestors, electricity, modernity, and visions of ecstatic living.

Known for his mastery of danceable Latin-infused yet experimental beats, Alex Scheel from local psych-rock band, Pop Pistol, incorporates his knack for amplifying song performance to a shamanistic trance. Alex Scheel conducts electronic programming while skillfully toggling from voice to guitar to laptop, lending his hand at every musical element. Jeff Palacios, deepens the overall landscape with the unique task of being a rhythmic yet melodic counterpart to the electronic bass and sub-bass movements. Chris Cooper humanizes quantized beats with frenetic poly-rhythms and four-on-the-floor power. Daniela''s chameleon voice has the range to both coo and siren, lull and frighten, always reaching from a place of passion, imagination, and child-like playfulness. Her vision, melody, and lyrics construct the world within each song, pulling from her ability to narrate and share the deeply personal with an edge of fantasy.

Femina-X has been performing continuously through-out San Antonio for exactly one year, being able to take the stage at the historic Arneson River Theater twice and receiving steady publicity from local news circuits including The San Antonio Current''s Critics Choice for the Music Awards.

Media Arts Samples

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Pop Pistol - No New Years Know


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