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Artist's Statement
As a dancer, actor and teacher in San Antonio for the past five years I''ve experienced the diversity of its community. Dancing with young professionals and being a young professional myself, I know how challenging it is to create a show and find a space to perform or a cast to work with. I often talk to fellow dancers, other studio owners, and show producers and constantly hear about a lack of opportunity either in the form of shows, programs, workshops and communal activity. My goal as a dancer has been to educate, celebrate, and appreciate all that is dance; and to create opportunities where I find an absence. Whether this means to perform on the Board of Directors of San Antonio Dance Umbrella (SADU), or serve as owner and founder of The Uptown Studio, I am committed to performing an active role in making Dance grow throughout the San Antonio community. A grant such as this would not only help my individual career, but would also allow me to spread my mission and to give back an opportunity to other dancers in a variety of ways. Having such amazing support for producing a project that incorporates all of my original choreography will only guide and encourage me to continue producing inspiring work. This particular project will broaden my choreographic horizons by challenging myself to mix genres and styles and learn new ones, while creating and directing the plot and themes of the show. The resulting work will be a production incorporating all original choreography, with the intention of spearheading additional work on the momentum of this one while infusing the energy and momentum into my community.

Performing Arts Samples

Recuerdos De l'Alhambra
Angel of Gravity



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