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Artist's Statement
I am a writer. I am fifty-four years old now, and have lived in San Antonio for six years. I was born near here, in the penumbra of the Goliad Mission. It is my calling to write, to tell stories that make people laugh, cry, tremble, love, hate, orgasm, and fly to a Tejas they didn't know existed, or was possible. I have lived in the world of politics and journalism, worked in hospitals with dying children, listened to the betrayed dreams of college students, and visited my brother who has been in prison forever. I write with a conciencia, with Poniatowska, Galeano, Cisneros, Viramontes, Neruda, and many others who push me to write my stories of San Antonio - for the people from where they came.

Literary Arts Samples

Golondrina: A Texas Story
Novel, 2007
Golondrina is a love story about Amada, a mexicana who crosses the border to find love, but falls in love with the man who brings her to the border. Her search intersects with Lazaro, the man she marries in Texas who is seeking the land his family has lost in the US/Mexico War.

Celestina, Manana
Short Fiction, 2007
Celestina is a mystical woman, a 30-year busdriver in San Antonio who knows all her passengers and their destiny. Today, though, will be her last day driving the bus.

Don't Forgive Me/Don't Forget Me
Non-Fiction, 2007
This is a creative non-fiction essay written in the testimonio form about the meaning of war to one man who has suffered other wars, as he seeks to find meaning in his son's death in Iraq.


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