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Artist's Statement
The liars and forgers of family histories do no service to their children. Those who edit family histories to obscure and to entertain alter the identities of the descendants. For those who dare to question, results may lead to disappointment--as if there ever was such a thing as a "fact."

Fiction writers do not hide intentions. We create scenes and order them as we wish them to be presented. We omit and we occlude for the sake of entertaining and instructing, for focus and narrative drive. Yet, through these fictional lies, we can find our identities more successfully than by adhering to family histories.

We return to the scene and add the silenced voices, shifting focus to the crimes of the victors. If it weren''t for the lies my own family told to me--about their bouts with madness, about their part in crimes against humanity (literally)--then I wouldn''t be driven to these falsifications of my own. The fiction I write visits the lies and the liars from multiple viewpoints.

I am deeply aware of the lack of voices (female and/or underrepresented ethnic groups) to do the work to counter the overwhelming voices of men and of those of underrepresented ethnic groups. Right now I am mentoring (online) a female writer who has struggled with her own issues of voice and timidity. Working with her is a joy, and helps me to take my own advice. I direct her as I should be working, and I notice the hypocrisy. Engaging in a community of writers who are also struggling to be heard spurs me to be a better writer, a better role model, and a better human.

Literary Arts Samples

Nameless (Excerpt)
Novel, 2013
The Story of Mr. Agate: Part One

Nameless (Excerpt)
Novel, 2013
Diary of Eleanora Deloraine -- November 16, 1915

Nameless (Excerpt)
Novel, 2013
The Diary of “Hush” -- c. 1920

Nameless (Excerpt)
Novel, 2013
Diary of Eleanora Deloraine -- April 30, 1919


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