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For me, original theater is an enrapturing, liberating, fully-encompassing passion.

I am a working actor with experience and drive in every aspect of theater: writing, directing, acting, scenic design, costume design, stage managing, and technical operations. I have performed in the San Antonio theater community for almost 10 years, acting in my first show at 13 with The Renaissance Guild. I write as well, creating Sob! Choke! Love! in Feb 2008 for the Overtime Theater. The series, an adaptation of 50’s, 60’s and 70’s romance comics, continued with two volumes (Sob! Choke! Love! 2: Electric Boogaloo - Feb 2009, Sob! Choke! Love!: 3D - Feb 2010) both adapted and co-directed by me.

Since then, I have worked with several theaters in town in various capacities, and continued creating on my own. However, my home is at the Overtime Theatre, a place that supports working completely outside the box. It has become a home base that not only wants, but needs new, interesting ideas. I would love nothing more than to use this grant to give my home a truly fantastic piece, my adaptation of The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari.

I have always been inspired by the earliest years of film. As a performer, I admire the style of acting, which is unlike anything we encounter in acting today. As a costumer, I am fascinated with period clothing, and costume history of 1900-1930 specifically. As a writer, I find that telling a story with as few words as possible makes them so much more important.

I want to share my passion by bringing this inspiring art to the stage. I have always endeavored to push my limits, and my relationship with the Overtime has only encouraged my growth. Now, I want to give back to them.

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