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Artist's Statement
After graduating in 2009 with an MFA in Creative Writing from the Warren Wilson College''s Program for Writers, I was humming along toward publication of my thesis (a collection of short stories), generating new work (often published in online literary journals), and starting earnest work on a novel (and completing about 100 pages). Then, in February 2012, I lost my muse. My estranged grandmother, a figure of mystery and divisiveness in our family, died suddenly, and with her death much of my artistic identity fell under my own crippling scrutiny. Without her, that mysterious thorn in my side, I couldn''t write. I swore off writing, packed all my notebooks away and archived my digital documents. I ignored the writing community I had so firmly planted my feet in. And I became utterly miserable.

When Nicole Provencher, a previous winner of this award, posted on Facebook your call for applications, I truly did not know how to respond. I wanted to get back on track, yes, but to call myself a professional writer was now an untruth: for nearly a year now I''d wanted nothing to do with it. Yet, after the posting, I began scribbling again in new notebooks, fetching a page or two from the archived piles to reference, and flowing generally back to a muse whose name I don''t yet know.

For the fact that this opportunity exists at all, I am grateful. I have much work to do to reclaim my orientation, and I am asking for your help to do that. With your support, I will have the impetus to perform, to take my work seriously again, and to account for my project''s progression. I hope that, with your careful consideration, I may be chosen to represent you well in the San Antonio community.

Thank you.

Literary Arts Samples

Short Fiction, 2011
(11 pages Attached)

Burning Your Doors
Short Fiction, 2012
(7 pages Attached)

The JAR Clan
Short Fiction, 2011
(2 pages Attached)


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