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Artist's Statement
My name is Lisa Perello, I am a seamstress with 15 years experience in Flamenco Costuming. I am applying once again for your grant in Costume Design. Since last years awards, I have grown as a seamstress and have participated in some of the most acclaimed productions for 2011. This year''s achievements have included being named sole seamstress for the Raices de Arte Espanols'' 2012 recital with Maestra Carmen "La Chiqui" Linares, working as Costume Mistress for the second consecutive year in Tamara Saj''s'' production of Arte y Pasion De la Oscuridad a La Luz with guest artists Maestro Teo Morca, Antonio Arrebola, "Yi-Yi", Solangel Calix and Andrea Hernandez, altering and refurbishing older costumes in San Antonio Park and Recreations Surreal 9/11 Tribute, under the direction of Monalisa Montgomery, and am currently working on alterations and costumes for the San Antonio School for the Performing Arts 2011 production of The Nutcracker. I have enhanced my creative sewing skills this year to further include silk screening, banner production, airbrushing, fabric dyeing, hand-painting fabrics and taking classes in embroidery. In addition, I have worked with some of the best artists as well as the new generation of Flamenco to come up with some of the most intricate, unique and dynamic dress designs which my clients have affectionately referred to as " Flamenco Couture." Once again I would like to thank you for your time in reviewing my application for your grant in Costume Design. If chosen, I will have the resources to share my knowledge of traditional flamenco costuming from generations past with future generations to play my part in broadening San Antonio''s rich culture and heritage.

Costume Design Samples


Tamara Saj
Set Design

Vanessa Centeno
Set Design

Monica Moncivais
Set Design

Tatiana Ramirez
Set Design

Custom Order
Set Design

Set Design

Blessed Sacrament
Set Design

Raices de Arte Espanol
Set Design

San Antonio Dance Academy
Set Design

Young Womens Leadership Academy
Set Design


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