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Artist's Statement
I am a San Antonio contemporary dancer, choreographer and media artist that has been working professionally for 10 years. My work has developed in close collaboration with other artistic disciplines, such as film, media arts, music and performance, allowing me a new approach to movement expression and the art of choreographing, challenging my ideas and ways of perceiving dance.

The last 5 years I been working closely with technology, video and media artists; the results have strongly impacted my development as a choreographer. My most recent work, danza_digital (digital_dance), a dance created for the Internet, was a great opportunity for me to experience the Internet, a very important mass medium that allows my art to reach a massive audience in their own personal space by inventing new ways of interactively experiencing the Internet. danza_digital explores the possibilities of creating dance for an electronic medium to interact with the audience/user thru specific programming, which offers a multiplicity of options to create personalized choreography. Specifically, I was looking for an open piece, extremely personal and public, where the choreographer presents an idea thru a fragmented dance which has to be re-integrated for each person that enters the piece, giving them the opportunity to have their own unique experience. I ask that the judges please experience for themselves this work at www.danzadigital.com so as to view the piece and understand how it works.

I wish to continue my development as a dance creator for the Internet and to build on everything that I have learned from this experience. This very new field of dance creation offers rich opportunities for my art to reach different audiences in cyberspace. I consider it crucial to my development as an artist that I continue this work, which will be titled danza_digital v2.0 (digital_dance v2.0).

Performing Arts Samples

Words to the Wind
Danza digital (excerpt)
Pintame el alma (excerpt)


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