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Artist's Statement
My previous books have dealt primarily with the Vietnam and Persian Gulf Wars, the first of the two new books expands the scope of those books and moves into a more distanced and nuanced view of war in general. It is not enough simply to have been there; poets need a long period of contemplation, time to synthesize experiences with reading and then the opportunity to work with the images and words to create something new.

I also think it necessary, when dealing with these themes, to write poetry that is much more accessible to an audience than the too often allusory verse that is popular in the little magazines today (though many of the poems I have already completed have appeared in literary magazines).

Part of what I am doing with my poetry is to move from war poetry to explorations of human interaction in contemporary culture, perhaps that''s simply a different kind of war, fought with words and personal aggression.

It''s challenging to write poetry that is truly contemporary and, at the same time less confessional and non-lyrical. Thus, most of the poems I am currently working on are narrative poems: both formal and free verse. It''s an exploration of the world around us: in San Antonio and elsewhere.

Literary Arts Samples

Relics in Words of An Old War
Poetry, 2010
This is the beginning of the proposed "Relics in Words of an Old War" book

Out on Highway 1
Poetry, 2010

This poem
Poetry, 2010

Jesus Green
Poetry, 2011

The Dead of a New War
Poetry, 2011


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