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Artist Profile


Artist's Statement
The art of creating strong and relevant fiction that speaks to the human condition is one to which I have devoted my life. Since completing my M.F.A. in Creative Writing (fiction), it has been my primary personal and professional objective to have an impact in contemporary fiction. It is my hope that in securing a grant with The Artist Foundation of San Antonio, I will be able to make progress to this end.

Literary Arts Samples

The Smiles in Clay Faces, Chapter I: Things We Find Under The House
Novel, 2011
This is the condensed first chapter of a novel in progress. This chapter focuses on Sergio, a laborer who has been injured on the job. Unable to steer his bicycle with his injured shoulder, Sergio is forced to walk his bike. Along the way, he notices a stack of wood at a home being renovated, and go...
The Smiles in Clay Faces, Chapter II: They Came Looking For Air
Novel, 2011
Narrative This is the second chapter of the novel in progress. This chapter introduces us to Esmi, an elderly woman who lives across the street from the home where two dead children are discovered. Though she is a kind and religious woman, Esmi has become a burden on her family, particularly her te...
The Smiles in Clay Faces, Chapter III: Teach Me
Novel, 2011
This is the third chapter of a novel in progress. This section is narrated by Lucy, a teenager, and new mother who is struggling with her new life and the responsibilites that come with it. While intelligent, Lucy has dropped out of school because of her pregnancy and is in a program to help her in ...


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