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Artist's Statement
I find the world a labyrinth of paradoxes. I paint this world as I feel it- beautiful and grotesque. My paintings are like prayers. Sitting there, at the easel, all of life''s dilemmas of the mind, heart ache, down-trodden, and little hope, my mind meanders like a mediative monk, seeking spiritual rectification, I confront myself and all reality as I paint. I try to make paintings that are a heaven for the mind. A place for the mind to play, unadulterated, the art speaks on its spiritual, symbolic level; unabashed, the personality can shine through, and the humanity is embraced. Flawed, I realize, in pain, paintings are done. My spiritual views are Buddhist and Taoist. I was born a Westerner but my heart is akin to the ancients of the East.

Visual Arts Samples


NBFO (No Blood For Oil)
Static Digital Art

The Blugeoning

Rejected by Society

Mentiroso (The Liar)

A New Cop on the Beat

Last Stand

Good Trip/ Bad Trip

Man of Sorrows

Vete la Chingada

Santa Muerte on the Rio Bravo Front


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