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Artist Profile


Artist's Statement
I am a multidisciplinary performance artist. I began performing as an actor in high school drawn in by the intense collaborative process of UIL One Act Play competitions. During this time, I also dabbled extensively as a poet. Ultimately, my desire for an audience guided me towards the path of a thespian. I accepted my first professional contract as the grave digger for a 9 month tour of Hamlet. To this day, I still act. Recently, I played Friar Lawrence at Shakespeare in the Park. When I returned to San Antonio after the tour, I began experimenting with video and for the first time I attempted writing monologues and scenes. My first short multimedia play was produced by Jump-Start Performance Co. It contained video scenes and live musicians that interacted with me like a Greek chorus. This experiment changed my perception of theater and my artistic direction forever. I realized that my love of the theater evolved from the ability to utilize my creativity through multiple avenues. Now, these options seemed limited under the constructs of traditional theater. In 1997, I founded Madmedia, an artist collective designed for creating experimental theater. We started out producing full length plays but grew apart in time and now I perform solo. I still identify with theater traditions but attempt to stretch the boundaries as far as possible without becoming abstract beyond understanding. I consistently push borders with original theme driven productions in nontraditional venues. My grass roots approach to storytelling and performance poetry contains autobiographical material and provocative content to address ignored political and social issues like race, environment and immigration and I use satire to make it all go down easy. Agosto Boal suggested that an artist whose work does not move to change the status quo helps to sustain it.

Original Production Samples

Maria the Roach Killer
Theatrical Performance
Poncho Y Miliano
Theatrical Performance


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