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Artist's Statement
In my most recent body of work, I use horizontal camera movement, and copy and flip the video horizontally to create a perfectly symmetrical split-screen video. In these pieces, the settings, and therefore content, are wide open: landscapes, cityscapes, architecture, humans, animals, interiors, ordinary everyday occurrences, settings, and objects. These ordinary occurrences are made extraordinary by the sheer force of the image in each channel rocking back and forth, and alternately “crashing” into each other, then slowing down and eventually coming to rest. The two channels are best described as a moving Rorschach image. In these works, the horizon line is often featured, and is emphasized by the letterbox, or long horizontal format, of the piece. It becomes cinematic, and somewhat removed from reality--a dramatization and fictionalization of the landscape or subject. The emphasis is on camera movement and how that contributes to the experience of the subject in each piece. Sound in all of these pieces acts as the anchor, and is a layered mix of water sounds, humming voice, breath, bells, and a stand-up bass feeding back. All of the audio is meant to resonate as a life-force, or internal energy hum.

Media Arts Samples

swingsong (purplerain)
up close and personal (dinner party)


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