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Growing up in a single parent home, I didn’t have the privilege of immersing myself into musical training as a child, or even as a youth. And yet, I always felt a musical pulse beating within me. This was no doubt attributed to the musical talent that came from my grandfather, a well known, respected and award winning mariachi pioneer in San Antonio. He was a source of perseverance and certainty in often uncertain times. So throughout my classical training and studies, it was important to me not to take this gift of music for granted. Witnessing firsthand how one artist can have such a deep impact on the lives of others, I have always asked myself what I will do with the musical gifts and resources I’ve been blessed with. I view my role as a musician to continue fine tuning my craft, to respect my instrument and to make sure I share it with others. San Antonio is a place that’s rich in the arts and culture. It’s an honor to represent this city, as a classically trained Hispanic woman and as the granddaughter of Benjamin Valdez, Sr.

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Classical Singing


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