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Artist's Statement
For five years, I've cultivated a character that inhabits otherworldly environments. These environments fruition in both site-specific and installation based exhibitions. My character is curious rabbit named Bunnyphonic. This melancholic creature plays funerary dirge melodies on a 1950s chromatic accordion. Previous shows have fused Futurist tendencies with Russian Constructivist aesthetics. I've made a gingerbread house, an ersatz winter wonderland and a candyland cabin for this character. During performances, audiences are transported to unexpected places where the sounds of other eras evoke emotion, nostalgia and a tender reminder of the childhood realm.

Visual Arts Samples


Volitant Gallery: Take Me to Bed or Lose Me Forever

Rider Project Performance at Whitney Museum of Art
Performance Art

Bunnyphonic Takes the Alamo
Performance Art

Galeria Ortiz: Olmos Famous
Performance Art

Rose Amarillo Russian Constructivism
Performance Art

Russian Constructivism at Rose Amarillo
Performance Art

Installation View Russian Constructivism

Cactus Bra Space
Performance Art

Volitant Crowd View
Performance Art

Texas Biennial 2007


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