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Artist's Statement
I come from a musical family: my father is a conductor, his brother is a conductor, and my brother is a professional clarinetist. As a child I listened to classical music, took private piano and voice lessons and sang in choir. After high school I didn't have to think about what I wanted to do. Music was my sole interest and talent.

At age 43, having sung for almost twenty years professionally, I asked myself an important question: why was I a singer? Was I a singer because it was all I could do? Because my family was in the arts? Despite my many accomplishments, I was not a competitive singer. Did that mean that I didn't have my heart in professional singing? I fantasized about changing professions. The notion of a steady income and stress-free evenings and week-ends was appealing. Being on the other side, being a normal person was seductive. And besides, with all the world's tragedies, shouldn't I be doing something more serious than singing pretty music? How necessary was I in the world?

Then I imagined a world without music. At the end of the day, when I was satiated with food, drink, work, people, and even nature, for what did my soul long? The world was silent... but out of this silence came a voice which saturated the mundane. Music was connection to the divine, the other world of which I am also a part.

And so I sing and find happiness in that music is the unthinking, unquestioning pith of my humanity.

Classical Singing Samples

Wie Melodien
Je Me Lamente


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