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Artist's Statement
In my work, I am interested in exploring the concept of boundaries through depictions of the interiority and exteriority of the human body. Over the past three years, I have been working on a series of hand-painted animations that represent different kinds of physical and metaphorical transcendence. Drawing from the history of painting, dance, and performance art, these videos utilize computer applications and painting to explore the nature of human consciousness as it exists in the larger spatiotemporal universe. My process involves videotaping my subjects, breaking down the video into an image sequence, making paintings from that sequence, and finally reanimating and altering the paintings into a second video using Final Cut Pro, Motion and Soundtrack Pro. The animations are the result of the original video footage being “filtered” through an extremely slow and subjective process that mirrors the physicality of painting, as well as the physical and psychological complexities of my subjects’ performances. The soundtracks for the animations are often the result of sounds I have generated (clapping, breathing, etc.), manipulated, edited, and looped to complement the actions of the figures. The animations “If I’m Thinking I’m Probably Feeling” and “It is Easy, It is Good” were made from hundreds of oil and acrylic paintings on paper. Exhibited as one installation, the paintings and animation place the viewer between two expressions of the same event, one spatial, and the other temporal. The animation “Wide Open Wide” was inspired by an artists’ residency in New Mexico. The three vignettes, each a hand-painted animation, explore images of inside and outside of the body. The animation “Death of an Outlaw” choreographs a moving painting to Aaron Copland’s ballet ‘Billy the Kid’.

Media Arts Samples

If I'm Thinking I'm Probably Feeling
Wide Open Wide
It is Easy, It is Good
Death of an Outlaw


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