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I have no college education, no work experience in a production company, I don't even own a camera. I'm a self taught filmmaker, who has been shooting film for over five years. Everyone on my cast and crew are volunteers, and I usually work with only three or four people on the set. My last project, Hope, was made for $300.00 dollars. I'm the Director, Writer, DP, Editor, and Producer on all my projects. The majority of my work finds a wide audience on the Internet.

I use what ever resources I can get. I've never been given a grant, and I believe it's because of everything I've said, not so much because of my work. I'm not much to look at when it's put on paper. But it's because of everything I just said, that I feel it is more necessary to give to those that do not have any resources. Because if they did have some resources, the sky would be the limit. I'm a filmmaker because I love it, it's what I was born to be.

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