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Artist Profile


Artist's Statement
Artist Statement

I like to design and create costumes. I have been told I am good at both. But I thrive when given a text or piece with potential for richness and depth for an audience of today's context. As a young designer, I understand that complacency is dangerous, and I assault each project with the excitement and raw heart of street theater, but will also honor and dignify it as if it was a classic. Even with a common process, I approach every show with the vitality of Commedia Dell'Arte, the human depth of Henrik Ibsen, and Pina Bausch's sophistication.

The facet of design that attracts me is the union with artists. What excites me are the directors who tear apart, and re-envision a script, actors who dig past the soil of a cliché and return with a salt of the earth approach to a character. These risks mobilize me as much as large resources, brilliant texts, and novel research. Being fully aware of my aesthetic as a theater artist, I challenge myself with each project to create a product that speaks for all involved.

I have always wanted to create theater that is beyond confections, and luxurious budgets. However, our aesthetic adapts and eyes acclimatize. I am grateful for the formal training I have had. The Yale professors I've had appeased my hunger. However, the theater arts students I work with fuel me. I grow animated to find a vehicle for their emerging artistic voices. Words nor renderings will never be able to express how much teaching has rewarded me, or inspired the artist and student in me. I seek work as a designer not only because I anticipate returning to graduate school, but feel that any victories I have as a role model, are victories for them.

Costume Design Samples


Three Birds, UW Workshop

Three Birds, UW Workshop

Three Birds, UW Workshop
Set Design

Moon, Blood Wedding
Set Design

Woodcutters, Blood Wedding
Set Design

Girls, Blood Wedding
Set Design

Leonardo, Blood Wedding
Set Design

Capulet invitation
Set Design

Mercutio and Tybalt
Set Design

Gallop apace; Nurse & Juliet
Set Design


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