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Artist's Statement
For the past ten years, I have dedicated myself to blurring the line between the visual and the literary. I am a bit obsessed with the translation of a “story” from one medium to another—what images a story conjures up in a reader’s head, what stories the viewer associates with a particular image, and what relationship(s) these two processes have to one another. I am also intrigued by the manipulation of words to create image and the manipulation of image to create words, and what happens in the reader's/viewer's head when these are placed side by side. Do the images/words/ideas that the mixture of words and images conjure up create a new concept independent of the two separate genres? Because of this obsession, my literary work has become quite visual, and my visual work has become quite literary. With paintings, for example, I add a short-short story (flash fiction) at the bottom of the piece. The viewer cannot see one independently of the other. Even if he/she doesn’t read the short story, he/she knows there is some writing at the bottom of the piece and cognition is affected. With this collection of short stories, artist, Vincent Valdez, has agreed to illustrate an image that comes to mind on a manuscript page of his choosing, and I have asked him to incorporate the image into the very text itself. So, along with creating a story through visually rich text, I will, through Vincent’s work, invite the reader to blur the line between the text, the image I intended to conjure in the reader’s head, and the image Vincent has meshed into the text itself.

Literary Arts Samples

Baby Money
Short Fiction, 2007

Short Fiction, 2007

Chicken Pot Pie
Short Fiction, 2007

Killer Dog
Short Fiction, 2007

Sample Manuscript
Short Fiction, 2007


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