Board of Directors

Susan Oliver Heard, Chair
Olga Kauffman, Vice Chair
Katy Silva, Secretary
Kate Mason, Treasurer

Hugh Daschbach
Susan Oliver Heard
Olga Kauffman
Kate Mason
Ansen Seale
Katy Silva

Advisory Board
Arturo Almeida
Rene Barilleaux
Alan Beckstead
Terry Brechtel
Angelika Jansen Brown
Steve Casanova
Nate Cassie
Linda Hardberger
James Lifshutz
Patricia Pratchett
Bettie Ward



The Foundation is the creation of Bettie Ward and Patricia Pratchett.
As founders they share a vision of a community where artists help shape the identity of our area by influencing how we look, sound and feel both to residents and visitors. In every sector of town the influence of artists should be evident in public art, galleries, school art programs, symphonic and conjunto music, private collections and community centers. That is to say, art is manifest; art is expected in everyday life. To make this happen, the individual artist must be assured continued opportunities and support.


The Foundation's goal is to grant awards annually to at least one artist in these categories: performing arts, visual arts, media arts and literary arts. The number of awards granted depends on the number of applicants, the recommendations of the selection panels and the available funds. In addition, there may be one-time or continuing special awards in specific artistic categories. For example, in 2017 there will be special awards in classical singing, theatrical set design, and theatrical costume design. We will also grant a grand prize for artistic excellence. Foundation awards are granted for the creation of new, original work. The awardees are selected by a panel of artists, art professionals, art educators and individuals from the community through a rigorous selection process. Artists with a body of work are eligible to apply. Artist Foundation awards are $15,000 and recipients are required to report to the Foundation at midpoint and at completion.

See the For Artists section for detailed information on eligibility and guidelines.

Non-profit status

The Artist Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The Foundation is supported by The Dept for Culture & Creative Development of the City of San Antonio, The Tobin Endowment, The Tobin Theatre Arts Fund, Estate of George Cortes, Elizabeth Huth Coates Foundation, Liberto Family, Lifshutz Foundation, Friends of AF, Ann G. Ash, Patricia Pratchett & Bettie Ward, TNT San Antonio, Graham Weston, Smothers Foundation, and Linda Pace Foundation.

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