Still from Angel of Gravity
by Stephan Gaeth


September 26, 2016

Susan Oliver Heard
Chair of the Artist Foundation


Artist Foundation of San Antonio Postpones Grant Cycle

The Board of Directors of the Artist Foundation of San Antonio has voted to postpone it's 11th grant cycle until 2017. The granting of awards has always been dependent on the number of applicants, the recommendations of the selection panels, and available funds. The board felt it would be prudent to postpone this year's awards to help establish a firmer financial base, review bylaws, and engage in additional board development.

"The artist foundation is the most transparent, genuine, and important arts organization for artists granting across all disciplines and mediums in San Antonio. The delicate arts ecosystem here balances on the success of this organization. For the winning artists it has been catalyst in their careers that took them to new levels including winning prizes such as the Hunting Art prize, Fulbright scholars grant, and ArtPace residency. Others were able to negotiate gallery representation and museum opportunities that received national recognition. The success of these artists elevates the entire city and county. For our continued success we must engage new and diverse funding sources including our county officials to renew and excite the support of our base. We hope you will join us in a year of rebuilding and fundraising so that we may open the next cycle in 2017 with renewed energy." -Susan Oliver Heard, Chair of the Artist Foundation


About the Artist Foundation

The Artist Foundation was founded in 2005 by artist Bettie Ward and arts enthusiast Patricia Pratchett. In their shared vision, artists shape the identity of our city by contributing to a vibrant culture that reflects the experiences of residents and captivates visitors. In every sector of Bexar county the presence of artists is manifest in public art, galleries, educational art programs, performances, private collections, and community centers. That is to say, art is expected in everyday life. To make this happen, the individual artist must be assured continued opportunities and support.

The Artist Foundation believes that by granting awards and recognition to our artists, the art market in San Antonio will grow, diversify, and prosper. Artists are small business owners and play an important part in economic development. Cities across the country have awakened to the fact that vibrant artistic communities draw not only tourists, but also employers and talented employees.

Since 2006, The Artist Foundation has given over $600,000 to 112 artists living in Bexar County. Individual grants between $5,000 and $12,500 and are given for the creation of original project proposals. The awards are designed to recognize artistic achievement, dedication to an artistic discipline, and the potential for further professional development.

Notable recipients include Dario Robleto (2007), Vincent Valdez (2006), Chris Sauter (2006), Kelly O'Connor (2011), Justin Boyd (2011), Ito Romo (2008), Kristy Perez (2007), Doerte Weber (2013), Karen Mahaffy (2008), Fernando Andrade (2014), Sarah Frantz (2012), Joey Fauerso (2007), Justin Parr (2007), Christie Blizard (2014), Laurie Ann Guerrero(2013), Leigh Anne Lester (2012), Scott Martin (2013), and Ray Santisteban (2006, 2015).

Non-Profit Status

The Artist Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The Foundation is supported by The Dept for Culture & Creative Development of the City of San Antonio, The Tobin Endowment, The Tobin Theatre Arts Fund, Estate of George Cortes, Elizabeth Huth Coates Foundation, Liberto Family, Lifshutz Foundation, Friends of AF, Ann G. Ash, Patricia Pratchett & Bettie Ward, TNT San Antonio, Graham Weston, Smothers Foundation, and Linda Pace Foundation.   |   p.o. box 15797    |   san antonio, texas 78212  |   site map   |   privacy statement   |   site by seale studios