by Timothy Birt

Contact: Tamara Adira
Phone: (210) 241-2771
November 3, 2015

Arte y Pasión in conjunction with The Uptown Studio is proud to present Algoritmos, a project juxtaposing flamenco with modern movement and fine art. The culture of San Antonio is steeped and grounded in Spain, the birthplace of art borne from devastation. But Art is the act of re-creation of the Human Spirit and Life does not know how to begin. Life begins ungainly and slowly, like the center of a nautilus shell or a flower from a seed, unfurling and growing in a fractal spiral described by the Fibonacci Sequence, the closest ratio that Life can approach to the divine ratio of Phi, expressed by the Golden Section. Algoritmos is a multidisciplinary choreographic project involving Spanish and contemporary dance and music. Math, patterns sequences define everything in our universe, from the movement of the river to the molecular structure of our tears to the relative position of musical scales. The project at once discovers and describes our world through the choreographic, visual and musical effort. We will explore the divine ratios of music, color, light and emotion exploring the divine math of nature in our own person.

The Nov 13 performance of Algoritmos will take a contemporary and classical focus. The production under artistic direction of Tamara Adira, features Stephan Gaeth, Rochelle Banuet, Tamara Adira, Dancers; Rachel Latremore, Opera Singer; Ciro, Guitar; Luke Bonecutter, Cello; and Darian Thomas, Violin, with Spanish artist JD Morera performing live painting during the performance. Algoritmos will appear Nov 13 at 2nd Friday at the Uptown Studio 700 Fredericksburg Road at 7pm. Admission is $10 in advance/$12 at the door or for VIP level $45 in advance/$50 at the door. Tickets are available on Brown Paper Tickets at For more information contact the Uptown Studio at 210.387.1617, visit, or visit Arte y Pasión on Facebook atón/246731092058294.   |   p.o. box 15797    |   san antonio, texas 78212  |   site map   |   privacy statement   |   site by seale studios