Application Guidelines

Please read ALL of the following information carefully!

New for 2015

Applications are accepted through ONLY.
No FAX, e-mail, courier, mail, or other delivery methods.
E-mail if electronic submission is not possible.

After reading the Foundation Application Guidelines, please submit the following information based on the Award Category to which you are applying.  Please select category most appropriate to the project proposal you are submitting.

Application Deadline

The application period is September 8, 2015 through November 8, 2015.

What to Submit

Artists must propose a project that demonstrates one or more of these characteristics: a potential for artistic growth; a significant shift in their work; or a challenging exploration with new materials, concepts or artistic practices a professional artist producing and maintaining work of high artistic quality.

Work Samples

Work samples are a critical part of the application and serve to introduce you and your work to the panel. Only materials requested in this application will be reviewed. Applicants should submit recent work, created in the past three years. Applicant’s work samples are an important part of the judging criteria and should accurately represent the artist’s work. All work samples should be clear, legible and/or audible reproductions of your work.

Following are the guidelines for submitting work samples. Samples received that do not meet the following guidelines will not be considered and will deem the application ineligible.

Please submit the following work samples: 

Foundation awards are highly competitive and do not require a cash match.

In 2015 The Foundation anticipates awarding ten (10) $5,000 awards in addition to the Robert L.B. Tobin Grand Prize Award for Artistic Excellence.

Return of Application Materials

Application materials will not be returned to applicants.  All application materials including work samples will be discarded after the awards are selected. 



Works created with assistance of Foundation awards are the property of the artist.  The Foundation will however keep for its archives, the submitted application materials from each award recipient. 


During the application and selection process the Foundation will not be responsible for loss or damage of support materials. However, the greatest care possible will be taken in handling the materials. 


Award funds are taxable to the recipients under IRS guidelines.  Recipients should consult their tax advisor regarding proper reporting for the award.  Each artist receiving an award will be sent a Form W-9 for completion and return before receiving the award funds.