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Artist's Statement
When I was growing up in Dallas, the lure of San Antonio was, for me, almost palpable. Like many other young Texans of the time, I sported a coonskin cap and a buckskin jacket. At the age of 7 my parents brought me to visit the missions and the Alamo. I came again in 1968 to visit HemisFair. I married a girl from the southside of San Antonio and we moved here in 1977. I was the book critic for both newspapers; I worked at the legendary Rosengren’s Books; I co-created the San Antonio Inter-American Book Fair and directed the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center’s literature program; I’ve been the publisher of Wings Press since 1995 and have published many San Antonio writers. Most recently I spent several years editing Literary San Antonio, a 500-page collection of writing done here over the past 300 years. One might say that I have been obsessed with the city and its cultural history.

On the other hand, I’ve been a singer-songwriter most of life and never written a song about the city; I’ve written children’s books, plays and young adult novels, none of which have anything to do with the city. My academic interests lie in ancient languages. In short, I am a literary artist who thoroughly explores topics that passionately interest me, and there are a lot of topics that fall under that rubric.

Isaac B. Singer once told me that good writing must do two things, educate and entertain. I believe that writing that does this can be a transformational art form, capable of changing the world, primarily by allowing us to appreciate other ways of seeing and experiencing the world. Good writing is innovative, insightful, and interesting. Most of all it is honest. This is what I strive for.

Literary Arts Samples

Milligan sample 1
Poetry, 2016
Four prose poems: "Advent's End" "Strings" "Four-Stroke" "The Fiftieth Face"

Milligan sample 2
Poetry, 2016
Three prose poems: "Fugue sans fin" "Beneath the Perseids" "Leaning into the Learning Curve"

Milligan sample 3
Poetry, 2016
Three prose poems: "Eos and the Train Horns" "Down the Road in America" "Freedom's Just Another Word"

Milligan sample 4
Poetry, 2016
One prose poem, three poems: "Desert Mountain Love Song" "Anything More" "Where Time Has Lost It's Way" "Aura's Garden"

Milligan sample 5
Poetry, 2016
Four Poems: "West of Lampasas" "Another Visitation" "The Green Man Returns to Greenland" "Rain in Due Season"


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