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The original script The Beasts of Baverly Grove written by a San Antonio playwright, would be the perfect opportunity to do something that San Antonio has not recently seen or perhaps ever at all. The use of two spaces for one script. As a set designer, I would take on the challenge of designing two sets for one production that takes place in two different theatre spaces simultaneously. The Story would be told so that the audience essentially has the chance to get two perspectives of the same story. As you read the play synopsis, there is a chance to do something completely new for the San Antonio Theatre company involved, and myself, as this would be the biggest project I ever take on.

This would be a chance to design a truly dreamlike world, where children''s tales of Beauty and the Beast, and the classic story of Frankenstein, including more recent story, the Village create the homes for the newest set of characters. The set could be filled with haunting realism of a castle in the forest, in the off view of the nearby village in one space and the village square with haunting images of a not too distant castle from the other space. The story would be great for all ages, and would likely be produced for the holidays.

Set Design Samples


A Monster Carol

A Cult of Color


Night of the Living Dead

Night of the Living Dead

Street Scene
Set Design

The Importance of Being Earnest
Set Design

The Importance of Being Earnest
Set Design

Set Design

RedBox Studio
Set Design


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