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Artist's Statement
For the past twelve years I’ve been involved in the creation of public art throughout the city. From the barrios of the west side to the neighborhoods on the eastside of San Antonio, my projects have varied in subject matter. Most of the projects I’ve undertaken involve cultural and historical themes in an attempt to educate, engage, and inspire individuals in their respective communities.

More than a decade ago, I learned firsthand the positive impact a piece of public art can have within a community. In 2001, I created my first mural on a wall on the Ellis Community Center and welcomed all members of the community to participate. The project progressed in an energetic flurry of brush strokes and paint, the local community embraced the mural and folks of all ages got involved in the creative process. Individuals from the neighborhood expressed to me the pride they felt in being a part of the collective endeavor, which made the completion of the mural a very gratifying experience. While the paint on that initial project has subsequently faded in vibrancy, my desire to create public works of art hasn’t diminished, and I’ve since added numerous public projects to my portfolio.

I fervently believe that public art can do more than just add beauty; it can be a platform to create works of art that speaks to a community. Public art can inspire and engage individuals in a visual dialogue, what that dialogue may involve is up to the artist. Creating public art is an endeavor that I relish and represents a great opportunity to have a positive impact on San Antonio’s culture and creative landscape. community.

Visual Arts Samples


“The Legacy of Artemisia Bowden”

“Of Family and Service”

“The Heartbeat of La Comunidad”

“Sabores de UTSA”

“Spirit of a Leader”

“Loteria: Cultures and Icons”
Static Digital Art

“Feeding Hope”

“Metamorphosis in the Park”

“La Musica de San Anto”

“The Unity Bridge”


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