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I do original, solo theater because it’s the chance for a shy woman like me to get heard at the dinner table damn it…and I’ve got a lot on my mind. My performance days started innocently enough as a kid trying to get attention in a big Mexican family (talk about challenges) but their love, support and slight dysfunction are some of the most invaluable ingredients I utilize to share my real life stories today. (Hence, the title of my first solo show, Chicana Atheist.)

I studied theater classically in New York at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and until the age 29 performed only other people’s work. I enjoyed those experiences but the freedom I get from examining my own stories has been cathartic and magical. Since I am not a classically trained writer, I usually begin every piece asking myself, “What do I want to say”? Or, “What really pisses me off”? I then create the characters, a situation and record myself improvising each scene. After several improvisations, I transcribe the recordings; go into massive editing and voila, I have a script! My themes have tended to border on issues of gender discrimination, religion and of course, sex. Currently I am working on my next solo show, They AIDS Lady which grew from my real life experience working as an HIV Educator/Tester in the San Antonio community. With this new work I will make an honest attempt to explore the poignant yet comical every day drama of my job. I will also take a personal journey through my own sexual up-bringing while engaging the audience through the strength and courage of the youth I serve and of course my colleagues living with the virus.

Original Production Samples

The AIDS Lady
Theatrical Performance
The AIDS Lady
Theatrical Performance


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