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Craig Christopher Coroneos is a San Antonio-based filmmaker dedicated to producing documentaries focused on the land, people and spirit of South Texas. His work emphasizes those aspects of the region neglected or marginalized by mainstream sources.

Field production for his current project, “South Texas Shaman,” has been completed, and he is currently seeking additional support to complete the final editing phase. Fundraising to date has been made possible through the Houston-based non-profit Southwest Alternate Media Project and includes major grants from Humanities Texas and the Alice Kleberg Reynolds Foundation. In addition, substantial in-kind services have been provided by KLRN Public Television, San Antonio, with whom Craig has a memorandum of understanding regarding their commitment to broadcast the final program.

Should this project be fortunate enough to be selected for funding, the monies would be used to create animated sequences of the 4,000-year-old pictographs that are the primary focus of the program. Additional funds already committed are being used for score and sound design. Anticipated completion of the program is fall 2011. Craig is the producer, writer and director.

Craig has been producing videos for non-profits for seven years. For three of those years he directed in-house videos for the Alamo Community College District. He was also Associate Producer for “Gaining Ground,” a half-hour documentary exploring poverty alleviation efforts in San Antonio. The program was broadcast on KLRN in 2006, and Craig received, along with local producer Linda Cuellar, the Women in Communications Proliner Award for their work on the program.

The media upload attached to this application is an 8-minute demo that has been used for fundraising over the past couple of years. It does not include more recent footage, including substantial interviews and B-roll with local Native Americans and their ceremonies. A full hour-long “rough cut” can be provided upon request.

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South Texas Shaman


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