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Artist's Statement
In two years at the San Antonio Current, I''ve written 256 article. That I''m paid to write is tremendous good fortune. My hometown perpetually fascinates me, too, and I''ve enjoyed freedom to document San Antonio''s complexities and absurdities. Writing about art is a great device with which to construct an amalgamated portrait of a city.

When I graduated from the New School in December of 2007, though, I had taken one journalism course, but 10 in fiction writing. I worked on a novel — it mortifies me when I read it now. But I take my reaction as a positive sign; after two years of tight, well-formed, deadline-driven (if idiosyncratic) work, I''ve come to realize that Writing is just a means of conveyance; it''s storytelling that''s important. Mark Twain, Katherine Anne Porter, and Walt Whitman (!) figured this out way before I did.

The fictive impulse drives me crazy. I travel through social circles and highway loops, confronting San Antonio, for the first time, with an adult consciousness. Characters and stories self-construct in my head. But with a more than full time newspaper job that doesn''t pay me enough to meet expenses, I also write a lot of freelance stuff to get by — childrens'' books, ad copy, standardized-testing reading comprehension essays. Should I receive an Artist Foundation grant, it would afford me the income to keep the job I (almost unexpectedly) love, but I could use my spare time to work hard and fast on what I''m ready and eager to try, again, and for real. I''m a stronger, funnier, more precise writer than I was two years ago, and have the technique and experience to tell stories through fiction. There''s much to improve in the product, but little that intimidates me about the process. I just need time to work.

Literary Arts Samples

excerot from novel "The Horse You Rode In On"
Novel, 2009
A 10-year-old and her family move to Austin from San Antonio after her father's suicide

Shark Lore
Memoir, 2009
A personal essay about my obsession with sharks

Horse 2
Novel, 2008
Another, earlier scene from abandoned novel

Julie Andrews
Short Non-Fiction, 2009
My love for Julie Andrews

Poetry, 2007
A poem/play about a phone call.


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