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Artist's Statement
I believe that the world of music is ONE, a unified, vitalizing force, to be nurtured and sustained, just like the planet we share. My artistic vision is to create one-of-a-kind multicultural performances, combining the best international and local musicians. To paint my unique vision, my medium is performing artists themselves, which I thematically blend together to produce edifying, entertaining musical performances. As the Artistic Director and founder of Musical Bridges Around the World, now in its 13th season, my mission is to introduce San Antonio audiences to all possible musical styles and genres, to grow this audience by inspiring a deep love for high quality music, and to enhance the richness of the San Antonio musical arts scene, as we evolve into a vibrant cosmopolitan capital of the south.

I hand pick artists by attending national conferences, traveling internationally auditioning select musicians, and by networking with educational and performing arts institutions, as well as my personal friends and colleagues, who perform in and produce festivals around the world. After I choose musicians, I combine them in specific programs, according to their musical compatibility. I carefully create thematic programs for each concert, sometimes requesting new pieces to be learned, or even having new works commissioned. I then weave themed individual concerts into the main theme of the season.

Performing Arts Samples

Musical Bridges Around the World: public concerts at McAllister Auditorium
Music Performance
Musical Bridges Around The World: San Fernando Cathedral-2009 / 2010
Music Performance
Musical Bridges Around The World: Focal Point-Arabian Nights
Music Performance


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