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In my musical development, I can’t say that there was any one thing in particular that inspired me to pursue a career as a classical vocalist. Many, many experiences over the course of my life, especially as a young person inspired me and spurred me on to that goal. From my first tastes of live opera performed at my elementary school to the San Antonio Symphony concerts I had the delight of attending, I was always impassioned by the music itself and how it impacted and changed people. I remember how each experience was electrifying and powerful and I was amazed at how people who were just as human as I am could step by step achieve such great and beautiful heights. I believed that somehow if I put in the time and really invested in what I set out to accomplish, then maybe I too could achieve much more than I ever dreamed. Music is my passion and I am so blessed to have had such a rich palette of experiences available to me because of the dedication and high standards of the musical community in San Antonio. I believe it is incredibly important to continue to invigorate and inspire our community with performances of a high caliber and I find great reward in being able to be a part of that now. It is the task of the arts community in San Antonio today to continue to provide our city with these performances that transcend the commonplace to the ethereal. I find such joy in taking part in that legacy now and with many great mentors and artists who have gone before me setting the stage, I have great hope that we will continue to bring delight, joy, and inspiration to a community who need just that.

Classical Singing Samples

Wie du warst! from Der Rosenkavalier by Richard Strauss
Classical Singing


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