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Throughout my career as a musician and producer of live music, my vision and creative work has been to create unique concert formats through collaborations between artists of many different disciplines including, instrumental, dance, visual arts, theater and others, in addition to my duties as a violinist in the S.A. Symphony.

As Artistic Director of Musical Offerings since 1989, I have created and produced many original concert series including, but not limited to: Jazz Meets Classical- a unique collaboration between jazz and classical musicians now in its nineteenth season, Music on the Move- an innovative concept in which musicians and audiences spend specific periods of time in several galleries as they perform or listen to music programmed to complement the art in that gallery, and Taste of Tango- featuring an instrumental tango ensemble accompanied by tango dancers. I was a winner of the 2004 Arts and Letters Award presented by the Friends of the Public Library for my contributions to the cultural life of San Antonio.

Through the success of my concerts I believe I have demonstrated that I am adept at uniting the talents of a huge variety of local artists to create one-of-a kind events. Diane Windeler wrote in the San Antonio Express-News, “In addition to strong performances, one of the best reasons for the success of Musical Offerings is its interesting programming.”

A grant from the Artist Foundation would enable me to launch a new creative effort- a multi-media work on the level I have not attempted before. While I have extensive experience as an Artistic Director combining various genres, in all cases, the music has been the primary focus. This production will place music as a contributing part to the text and theater and will also result in a more serious literary, cultural and historical message.

Performing Arts Samples

Emily's Reel
Music Performance
A Una Carioca
Music Performance
Song of the Ch’in
Music Performance
Full Frontal Lobes
Music Performance


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