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Although I am the initiator of the project and the grant applicant, I will be working closely with the Prime Eights. I will write and produce the documentary, while the Prime Eights will be doing videography and editing. Therefore, I have submitted my own resumé, but the work samples are from the Prime Eights. Here I will try to talk a bit about both of our work.

In 2008 I wrote a feature article for Art Lies magazine about Buckminster Fuller and John Cage, exploring the development of their relationship and its implications for urban theory. My argument was that the philosophical growth of these two men had interesting implications for the growth of our cities, which have become more important as engines for thought and creativity even as long-distance travel and communication have become ubiquitous. This article launched an informal investigation of the relationship between art and urban enviornments. My writing in this area has covered Edgar Arceneaux’s performance at the Mission Drive-In, the destruction of a public Anton Vidokle installation by local developers, rogue public artworks by Aaron Forland, a comparison of two lectures by Houston’s The Art Guys and British architect David Adjaye, in addition to several other articles and blog posts.

The Prime Eights are a filmmaking duo who have been working together for several years. One of their most recent projects is to produce a series of short, biographical videos about contemporary artists for Glasstire.com. In this series, they have covered The Art Guys, Jimmy Kuehnle, and the Death of Contemporary Art Month (a parade along the Riverwalk). Their polished documentary style is captivating, and brings contemporary art to life for a general audience.

The intersection between my writing and the Prime Eights’ videos informs this project, conceptually and aesthetically.

Media Arts Samples

Jimmy Kuehnle's Big Red and Walking Fish
The Death of Contemporary Art Month


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