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Literary Arts Samples

Between the Printed Letters
Short Non-Fiction, 2007
This essay was the feature story in the Langdon Review of the Arts in Texas, 2007-2008.

The Best of Everything
Memoir, 2009
Excerpts from this chapter, "The Best of Everything" appear toward the early middle of the Memoir in Progress, The Color of Words, the Borders of Being.

the stuff to scream with
Short Fiction, 2008
This story appears in the award-winning collection The Holy Tortilla and a Pot of Beans(2008.)

even the scars
Poetry, 2009
This unpublished poem was written in 2009. I am preparing to submit it to major journals.

The Color of Words
Memoir, 2007
These two short excerpts are from the beginning and end of the memoir-in-progress The Color of Words, in which a writer grapples with the harsh mandates of a muse who often carries a gun, or worse, the whispers of deceased family members.


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