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Artist's Statement
I started writing music in high school and as I think back on why I found it interesting I remember that it was about being fascinated with sound. Now 30 years later I still feel that basic fascination with sound. Through the years I've tried to give that fascination form, structure, design and craft it into musical narratives. Some of my works have an explicit storyline and some do not, but they are created with a sense of story. For me, this helps me give a composition a throughline - the idea that you can follow it from beginning to end and that this line is what binds it together.

I'm finding myself most interested these days in writing chamber music and orchestral works. I hope to continue to create works that listeners find interesting and that can allow them to apply there own narratives. Ultimately, I hope my personality comes through the music in an honest way - never artificial, fake or put on, but with an organic sense of inevitabilty, line and naturalness.

Performing Arts Samples

"Gearbox" for orchestra
Music Composition


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